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Artist Name
Lily Sanchez

Website      www.latinbeadsjewelry.com (only after November 9, 2009)

Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?
Since my childhood in South America I have been painting in oils, acrylics, pastels, when I learned about glass beads, I became addicted to this fun way of playing with glass.

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?
I started in 2003 in Calgary in Alberta College of Art.

What inspires you?
Everything that surrounds me, the wonderful colours of nature mostly.

Tell us about your best beadmaking/jewellery moment…
when I settled my studio at home and made the first bead, yeah!!!!

Tell us about your worst beadmaking/jewellery moment…
after I finish a piece of jewelry and the combination of colors is terrible!!!

What will you be bringing to the 2009 OGBA Show?
All my new creations, after experimenting with some new forms.


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