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Louise Ingram (that’s me ;o) ), will be taking part in the Artisan’s Village in Brockville for at least six Sunday’s over the Summer months.

Confirmed dates are –
June 27
July 25
August 2 (the only Monday), 22 and 29
Sept 5

The location is beautiful and is worth a day out in itself.  The Village is located on Blockhouse Island which is in the historical downtown core of Brockville, right on the banks of the St Lawrence river.   You can read more about it here on my blog.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ll be taking –

Along with my Ancient Bead Recreations I’ll be taking my Goddess’, my brand new Recycled Glass Beads, and of course those naughty Monkeys!

**If you are a member of our local Ottawa area group and have news you would like posting to this blog, please email me with the information!


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The excitement and buzz has died down and now it’s time to reflect on this years show.  It seems like everyone agrees that the Hellenic Centre was a great venue for us, and that we’ll be back there again next year!  Plans for the OGBA 2010 show are already underway!

This year we had more Artists and more technical vendors than last year.  You would almost expect that with 25 glass bead Artists in one room that there would be some overlap with styles and designs, but each and every table was different.  There were beads that included tiny complicated murrini – creating paperweight effects, beautiful florals, fused glass and dichroic items, edgy modern styles, wonderfully sculpted beads, bright, happy colours, beads that looked they had been pulled from the ocean — too many to mention, but most certainly a feast for the eyes and soul!

Our technical vendors brought another dimension to the show with jewellery supplies, kits, glass, tools and books – truly something for everyone.

Here are  a few pictures from the show – we hope you enjoy them.

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Artist Name
Louise Ingram

Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?
Born in England, I’ve lived in Canada for almost 30 years – most of which has been spent in Ontario.  I presently live in Merrickville with my husband David and cat Raff.

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?
I’ve been making glass beads since 2006.

What inspires you?
A trip to Newfoundland this summer had a huge impact on me.  I visited the Viking site at L’Anse aux Meadows and my interest in history and ancient glass beads has turned into an obsession.   At the moment show me an ancient glass bead and I’m inspired!

Tell us about your best beadmaking moment…
Other than lighting my first torch for the first time I don’t think I really have one, most weeks bring exciting revelations when I manage something I couldn’t do before or understand something that was previously a mystery.

Tell us about your worst beadmaking moment…
That was probably lighting my torch for the first time too!  Took a LOT of courage that did, I made my first, tiny, red bead and then turned the torch off and left the room!  It was a feeling of excitement mixed with relief that I hadn’t blown myself up!

What will you be bringing to the 2009 OGBA Show?
This year I’m bringing three distinctly different themes to the show and I’m really excited about each one.
  1. For those who saw and loved my Monkees last year, have no fear – they will back!
  2. I’ve also been refining the design of my Goddess beads, these are something a little different from the traditional sculpted ones  so be sure to stop by my table to check them out.
  3. Last but most definitely NOT least is my newfound(land) passion!  Viking Beads! Well, not entirely all Viking beads, but recreations of glass beads from the Viking era and earlier. Vikings made their own beads, but since beads were also traded I decided that it was likely they would have other styles of beads as well, some traded and some acquired in true Viking fashion!

Yup, Monkees, Goddess’ and Vikings!! 😀

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