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Evelyn Duberry demo’d her beautiful Goddess beads at the Glass Shoppe Studio last weekend – here are some photos from the event which everyone enjoyed.

A good crowd on hand to watch Evelyn's demo

Evelyn of ShebaMakeda at the torch

A Goddess in process

You can read more about the whole event here on Evelyn’s Blog.

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Every third saturday of the month, the Glass Shoppe Studio will be hosting a BeadMaker for you to meet and watch as they melt glass to create their own style of incredible wearable art.

This Saturday, June 19th,  Evelyn Duberry  will be creating one of her amazing hand made beads starting at 1 pm.  Her work is earthy, tactile, beautiful and even more wonderful in person than the examples below.  You’ll not only be blown away by her talent, and her quick wit.  But most especially you will easily recognize her joy of glass.

Her work will be here for sale by the artist that day.  And to tempt you a little more, here is a preview of what you will see:

Learn more about Evelyn online at :  ShebaMakeda.com or Facebook


Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010,

Time: 1-4pm

The Glass Shoppe Studio

210-12A Colonnade Rd

Ottawa, ON  Canada    K2E 7L5

For more info contact: Grace Edwards



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Artist Name

Evelyn Duberry – ShebaMakeda Glass Art



Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?

I’m a part-time glass beadmaker who since discovering this molten glass obsession has given up all other hobbies including my former shoe addiction (ok, maybe not entirely gave that up –  just severely cut back).   I’ve always loved glass beads and now being able to make my own is like a dream come true!  I currently live in Ottawa, have a somewhat off-beat sense of humour and try to enjoy life here despite the crazy, sub-zero winters.

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?

I’ve been designing jewellery for decades (wire-wrapping, polymer clay, stained glass, etc.), however, i’ve only been making glass beads since 2006.  As my beadmaking skills progress, i’m slowly moving back to making jewellery again – this time with my own beads.

What inspires you?

Imperfection, the abstract and age… I love abstract modern art, outsider art and the ancient art from many different cultures.  You’ll see those influences constantly through my work.  I quite deliberately don’t strive for perfection in my beads – i like to let the glass flow and mix and play with the flame chemistry to see what will develop.  I try to stretch the traditional definition of what is  a glass bead each time i sit in front of my torch.

Tell us about your best beadmaking/jewellery moment…

Every time i open the kiln – it’s like opening a present after each torch session.  Because i can’t tell if the bead or design is a success when it’s hot, i usually wake up in the morning and run straight to the kiln to see what i’ve made.   When most everything in there is a success it’s just the best feeling…

Tell us about your worst beadmaking/jewellery moment…

In my first few months of beadmaking  i seriously burned my fingertip making a bead.  The memory of the smell of my own burning flesh combined with the taste (i was dumb enough to pop that burnt finger straight into my mouth) has ensured i’m much, much more careful since then.  And eventually my fingerprint even grew back!

What will you be bringing to the 2009 OGBA Show?

I’ll have my usual selection of sculpted goddess beads, pendants and new fall bead styles for the Pandora & Troll  bracelet ladies.  I’ve been on a heart kick lately so i’ll have some of those as well.  New this year:  I’ll also have some finished jewellery.

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