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Tom Holland in Ottawa

Next week is an exciting one for Ottawa bead makers and anyone who has an interest in the history of beads — glass ones in particular!

On Thursday, August 12th Tom Holland will be giving a presentation at the Tanglewood Park Community Centre.

In the world of glass beads Tom is a respected and knowledgeable figure.  To quote from ‘Glass Beads:  Major Works by Leading Artists’

When the American studio glass beadmaking movement began in the late 1980’s, Tom Holland was at the forefront.  He and a handful of artists were the first serious beadmakers in the United States.  At the time Holland was curious how he could make beads himself, but he also wanted to know how beads were made in the past.

Beads of course are mute messengers.  They can’t tell us how they were created.  In order to learn the secrets of the past, Holland attempted to deconstruct the ancient Chinese Warring States bead in order to figure out how it might have been made.  He used what he learned to reconstruct the bead on modern flameworking equipment.  Holland also spent years unraveling the medieval Islamic folded bead – the Gordion Knot of beadmaking – and adapting it to the modern torch.  His own beads are a melding of historical curiosity, exacting skill and patience.

Tom brings this knowledge and skill along with his adept storytelling ability to his presentation next week.

Here are the details –

Tom Holland – Through the Ages of Glass Bead Times

Thursday, 12 August 2010, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Legendary beadmaking guru Tom Holland has been instrumental in unlocking the myth of ancient glassworking. Prepare to be inspired and gain a new appreciation for the glassworkers of our past.

Follow along the time line of ancient Beadmaking through images and stories.  Examples from 4000 BC to the present including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia, China, Syria, Indonesia, Rome, Japan, Europe ad more.  Tom Holland ties in some general process knowledge to engage the studious beadoligist while bringing to light the wide spectrum of world trade for the artful, portable and wearable bling of the ages.

“Tom is regarded as one of the better lecturers on the history of glass beads giving presentations that include pictures of collections from both major museums and private collectors. Within the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, his presentations are known to enhance the awareness of the longstanding traditions of the medium.”

Location : Tanglewood Park Community Centre, 31 Woodfield Dr, Ottawa ON
Contact : Grace Edwards at The Glass Shoppe Studio for more information
Presentation – Open to the public – Thursday evening 7pm-9pm – 5 dollar admission – Tickets can be purchased at the Glass Shoppe Studio or at the door


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