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Business Name  BeadFX
Website    www.beadfx.com
Tell us about your business?
BeadFX started as a lifelong fascination with beads.
From it’s humble beginnings as a bag of beads and an Ebay account to one of Canada’s largest bead retailers and websites – beadFX is still about our fascination with beads and everything beady.  Our website speaks for us – and you can tell from that that we obsessed with quality and value, are a little quirky and have a sense of humour.  In fact – we get a lot of comments about our website and our weekly updates (join our mailing list and see why! Email a request to join to jennifer@beadfx.com)
With descriptions like:
So shiny. Must have.
Truly horrible beads. You will NOT be captivated by the deliciously translucent jade green, or enchanted by the brown sugar streaky bits. You will not fall in love with these beads. You will leave them all for me.
or even
This clasp appears to be a ball of yarn with wings.  Is this the knitters’ mascot?  The ultimate cat toy?  Never send a knitter to do the shopping.

This, combined with killer photography makes our website unique, personable and inspirational. (And if you want to know the inside scoop on how we do our photography and how you too can photograph your jewelry and beads too  – follow our blog – every Monday is a new installment in our “Photography Secrets” series.


Plus – we have new, free projects every week, and contests and monthly draws, and even frequent beader points and discounts for bead society members!!!

link for the projects – http://www.beadfx.com/inspirations/inspirations.php
link for the contest – http://www.beadfx.com/catalogue/menuCreativefx.php
link for the monthly draw – http://www.beadfx.com/catalogue/entryform.html
link for frequent beader point program – http://www.beadfx.com/catalogue/frequentbeader.jsp

How long have you been in business?
Close to a decade now.

Funny/special story from/about your business?

BeadFX has a lot of stories. Stories about lost souls that wander in off the street and find a new life amongst the beads. Stories about heartbreak – losing loved ones – to stories of hope – two! beautiful daughters for someone the doctors said would never have children. Careers launched, muses discovered, inspiration found. Friendships forged. Skills learned. Journeys of personal discovery – or the just down-right embarrassing. I think maybe I won’t share any of those!

And then there is the dedication of the staff! Like the time we got an email from a customer pleading for a quantity of a special dragon bead that had been discontinued by the manufacturer  – but we had only a few left! But some of us had purchased them for ourselves, and between us – we managed to pull enough from our private stashes to make up the order.

Or the time that one of the staff got stuck at the store overnight because the lock on the front door jammed and wouldn’t lock, and the locksmith didn’t get there until the early morning.

Or the night that we were all emailing each other – planning a project – and suddenly realized it was 3 a.m. – and we were still all up – talking about beads!


What will you be bringing to the 2009 OGBA show?
We have so much – it’s hard to figure out what to bring to a show. For this show, we will bring our Japanese seedbeads, Brass and Copper beads and findings, Metal Clay, and our specialty Lampwork Bead Findings. These are designed to work with the larger holes of lampwork beads – like the Large Hole Spacers, the Bead Aligners, and the Link Bead Bars (in silver, copper and gold) – so that folks buying from the show  artists selling lampwork beads can get the findings and beads right away to go with their beautiful new purchases – maybe even wear them home!

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