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Artist’s name
Susan Stortini




Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?
I have been creating jewellery ever since I can remember.  My first necklace was created  with painted macaroni for Mother’s Day.  Quite original don’t you think?

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?
I was one of the “earlier” pioneers of bead making….this was  at a time when you had to hunt for “lamp work” on the internet. You spent half your time explaining to customers that you melted the glass…..  and cooled it  off in a kiln…. Hmmmm…

In the beginning I was grateful that ….If it melted, did not crack and came off the mandrel I was happy.


Tell us about your best beadmaking/jewellery moment…
I have had many great bead making moments however, I think I am most proud of recreating  some of the historical bead collections for the Royal Ontario Museum.  Most Fun great moments was spending quality social time in Murano with some of the finest greatest glass people ever!!!!

Tell us about your worst beadmaking/jewellery moment…
I have some juicy “worst” moments as well. Burns Burns Burns…. One memorable burn was when I was encasing a bead and the bead came loose from the mandrel and slide into my hand. Another charming moment came when the mandrel touched the filament of my kiln and I had fireworks in the studio.  Yum!!!

What will you be bringing to the show?
I will be bringing my New Hardware Hearts and Bones, Teeth and Eyes.. Happy Cheerful stuff and all kinds  of other stuff. Come by and say Hi…



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