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We have two new talented Artists in the area – I asked them to tell me a little about themselves and Heather sent along this info-

Andrea Steinwand and Heather Stewart are Hearts of Glass, a beadmaking team who just moved to Ottawa from Winnipeg and are looking forward to being active in the beadmaking community.

We’ve been melting glass since 2003 and built a studio from scratch in our old home in Winnipeg. We don’t have a new studio yet but we hope to build one in the fall (if the Ottawa housing market allows) and start participating in shows and events. Of course we’re also very interested in meeting other beadmakers and making friends who understand our obsession with glass!

My (Heather’s) speciality is torchwork, supplies and communications. I love encasing, detail, and reaction. I taught beadmaking at Prairie Stained Glass for five years.

Andrea creates bold abstract beads and also specialized in silversmithing and custom booth design.  Together we create striking, high-quality wearable art that is a delight for wearer and viewer alike. We’re especially proud of our boro dragonfly pendants and stickpins, our boro-toggled recycled leather cuffs, our handforged Captive Drop locking earrings, our calla-lily pendants and my encased floral beads with handpulled stamen cane.

We are excited to meet fellow beadmakers soon – we’ve known some of you online for so long! If anyone would like to get in touch, you can say “hi” on our blog, hogtalismans, or email us at hogtalismans (at) gmail.com.

As you can see from the photos these ladies create some beautiful pieces and will be an exciting addition to Ottawa’s glass artists!


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Artists name
Susan Hood




About Susan
Susan Hood live in Nova Scotia and fell in love with lampworking at the age of 5 when she saw a glass blower make an elephant , which she still has – minus the trunk after 57 years. She endeavors to capture light in all her pieces and try to have her clients feel the passion she has for the medium.


Worst moment?
Her worst moment was realizing she had left 90beads on top of the car and had lost them somewhere along the  300 km. journey.

She will be bringing her Phantasea shell beads, sleeping cat beads, peacock feather and sand dollar beads to the show.


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Artist Name
Charlynne Lafontaine


Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?
My studio, f. studio is where I get to work and teach and have been for 2 years now.  I spend a lot of time there, listen to music and either design, work on expanding my knowledge or spend time at the torch.

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?

In 2003 I was given a brief introduction to beadmaking and knew immediately that it was what I wanted to pursue.  Since then mostly self-taught, (although I’ve had the opportunity to take a class with Emilio Santini and Alex Hamilton) I’ve been exploring different types of glass and how they react in the flame.  So far, I’ve been mostly interested in sculptural beads and the way light plays on textured glass.  Having worked in stained glass for nearly 20 years now, I am used to transmitted light being a crucial design element.  Now I’m learning to see glass in a whole new light!  Reflected light …


What inspires you?

I am inspired by everyday life.  People and things I see, read about, hear about.  Experience.

Tell us about your best beadmaking/jewellery moment…
Usually the series or piece I am currently working on is the best moment so far … it changes continuously


Tell us about your worst beadmaking/jewellery moment…
Things don’t always turn out as planned.  Sometimes there are happy mistakes, sometimes not.


What will you be bringing to the 2009 OGBA Show?
Flameworked sculptural beads worked into jewellery pieces or displayed in shadow boxes.


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Artist’s name
Susan Stortini




Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?
I have been creating jewellery ever since I can remember.  My first necklace was created  with painted macaroni for Mother’s Day.  Quite original don’t you think?

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?
I was one of the “earlier” pioneers of bead making….this was  at a time when you had to hunt for “lamp work” on the internet. You spent half your time explaining to customers that you melted the glass…..  and cooled it  off in a kiln…. Hmmmm…

In the beginning I was grateful that ….If it melted, did not crack and came off the mandrel I was happy.


Tell us about your best beadmaking/jewellery moment…
I have had many great bead making moments however, I think I am most proud of recreating  some of the historical bead collections for the Royal Ontario Museum.  Most Fun great moments was spending quality social time in Murano with some of the finest greatest glass people ever!!!!

Tell us about your worst beadmaking/jewellery moment…
I have some juicy “worst” moments as well. Burns Burns Burns…. One memorable burn was when I was encasing a bead and the bead came loose from the mandrel and slide into my hand. Another charming moment came when the mandrel touched the filament of my kiln and I had fireworks in the studio.  Yum!!!

What will you be bringing to the show?
I will be bringing my New Hardware Hearts and Bones, Teeth and Eyes.. Happy Cheerful stuff and all kinds  of other stuff. Come by and say Hi…


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Artist Name

Evelyn Duberry – ShebaMakeda Glass Art



Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?

I’m a part-time glass beadmaker who since discovering this molten glass obsession has given up all other hobbies including my former shoe addiction (ok, maybe not entirely gave that up –  just severely cut back).   I’ve always loved glass beads and now being able to make my own is like a dream come true!  I currently live in Ottawa, have a somewhat off-beat sense of humour and try to enjoy life here despite the crazy, sub-zero winters.

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?

I’ve been designing jewellery for decades (wire-wrapping, polymer clay, stained glass, etc.), however, i’ve only been making glass beads since 2006.  As my beadmaking skills progress, i’m slowly moving back to making jewellery again – this time with my own beads.

What inspires you?

Imperfection, the abstract and age… I love abstract modern art, outsider art and the ancient art from many different cultures.  You’ll see those influences constantly through my work.  I quite deliberately don’t strive for perfection in my beads – i like to let the glass flow and mix and play with the flame chemistry to see what will develop.  I try to stretch the traditional definition of what is  a glass bead each time i sit in front of my torch.

Tell us about your best beadmaking/jewellery moment…

Every time i open the kiln – it’s like opening a present after each torch session.  Because i can’t tell if the bead or design is a success when it’s hot, i usually wake up in the morning and run straight to the kiln to see what i’ve made.   When most everything in there is a success it’s just the best feeling…

Tell us about your worst beadmaking/jewellery moment…

In my first few months of beadmaking  i seriously burned my fingertip making a bead.  The memory of the smell of my own burning flesh combined with the taste (i was dumb enough to pop that burnt finger straight into my mouth) has ensured i’m much, much more careful since then.  And eventually my fingerprint even grew back!

What will you be bringing to the 2009 OGBA Show?

I’ll have my usual selection of sculpted goddess beads, pendants and new fall bead styles for the Pandora & Troll  bracelet ladies.  I’ve been on a heart kick lately so i’ll have some of those as well.  New this year:  I’ll also have some finished jewellery.

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Business Name
Deb’s Jewellery – Debra Tompkins

Deb's jewellery 2

Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?
I was born & raised in Owen Sound in a large family of 8, I grew up with a creative Mother as she worked  hard  always making & sewing things.  She is who has instilled the creative side of me “without even knowing it”. I now reside in Ottawa


How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?
I was in the jewellry business for 16 years before i started creating my own pieces as a gift to myself.
I have been creating pieces for almost five years now.


What inspires you?
I love to work with lampwork beads as the beauty in the uniqueness of each bead inspires me to create new pieces of jewellery combining semi precious stones, pearls, seed beads & glass together to see what I can come up with.


What are you bringing to the show?
I will be bringing necklaces, bracelets & earring to the show.

Deb's jewellery 2 214

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Artist Name
Louise Ingram

Tell us something about yourself/bio/other interests?
Born in England, I’ve lived in Canada for almost 30 years – most of which has been spent in Ontario.  I presently live in Merrickville with my husband David and cat Raff.

How long have you been making glass beads (or beading, or designing jewellery)?
I’ve been making glass beads since 2006.

What inspires you?
A trip to Newfoundland this summer had a huge impact on me.  I visited the Viking site at L’Anse aux Meadows and my interest in history and ancient glass beads has turned into an obsession.   At the moment show me an ancient glass bead and I’m inspired!

Tell us about your best beadmaking moment…
Other than lighting my first torch for the first time I don’t think I really have one, most weeks bring exciting revelations when I manage something I couldn’t do before or understand something that was previously a mystery.

Tell us about your worst beadmaking moment…
That was probably lighting my torch for the first time too!  Took a LOT of courage that did, I made my first, tiny, red bead and then turned the torch off and left the room!  It was a feeling of excitement mixed with relief that I hadn’t blown myself up!

What will you be bringing to the 2009 OGBA Show?
This year I’m bringing three distinctly different themes to the show and I’m really excited about each one.
  1. For those who saw and loved my Monkees last year, have no fear – they will back!
  2. I’ve also been refining the design of my Goddess beads, these are something a little different from the traditional sculpted ones  so be sure to stop by my table to check them out.
  3. Last but most definitely NOT least is my newfound(land) passion!  Viking Beads! Well, not entirely all Viking beads, but recreations of glass beads from the Viking era and earlier. Vikings made their own beads, but since beads were also traded I decided that it was likely they would have other styles of beads as well, some traded and some acquired in true Viking fashion!

Yup, Monkees, Goddess’ and Vikings!! 😀

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